The Customer Satisfaction List is our specialty to insure quality through-out the new home. We have similar specifications for refurbishing homes, such as attention to detail and completing the job to the satisfaction of the buyer or the seller.
Completing the job to the best quality specified is our goal. Helping a homeowner with add-ons like porches, decks and repairs to the home is a top priority to finish a house and make it a home.
Superior Home Finishing customizes in the manufactured home industry. With vast experience in the industry building and servicing with a solid record and 30 years of personal experience in the field I have formed a company together with experienced associates and sub-contractors fulfilling the needs of the clients and their customers are our goal.

Home repair and finishing out manufactured and mobile homes in Tyler and East Texas is the foundation of our company. The combined experience of our associates is more than 48 years. It has been this experience that has brought us to the commitment of adding the much needed link between the home buyer and the home seller. Serving the needs of both buyer and seller by communicating information that is often lost during the stimulating process of buying a home and by a quality finishing job that is approved by the new homeowner.

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Seamless ceilings and flawless carpet seams.